Root Canal Dental Treatment

If tooth decay is left untreated it will eventually spread to the tooth’s pulp or nerve causing an infection and pain, this is an indication that a dental root canal treatment needs to be done by your dentist. During a root canal, the infected nerve within the tooth is removed from the dental patient. Due to increased pain from an infected nerve, a root canal can seem as if the procedure would also be more painful than your standard cavity aka bonded filling procedure. This is a dental myth. With proper anesthesia a root canal feels no different than having a simple bonded filling and our team of expert dentists have the knowledge to ensure that you are properly numb for every dental procedure. Now that the ‘pain’ is out of the question, below is a picture walk through of what a root canal procedure would be:

Following the root canal treatment, the tooth will have to be built back up with a post and core. A root canal will weaken the overall structure of the tooth, so a crown is always recommended to add strength to your tooth and prevent a fracture of occurring in the future. Prior to any procedure we believe that a full consultation and explanation of your dental needs is fully explained. If you’re questioning your dental health or simply have more questions on root canal procedures do not hesitate to reach out.

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Root Canal Initial Infection

Root Canal – Central Incisor

Root Canal – Molar

Root Canal with Ceramic Crown